“We WILL remember them”

The human cost of war is lost in statistics. If I tell you that almost 2000 men lost their lives fighting for the Hull Pals in the First World War that means nothing, not really.

In fact, in the grand scheme of things when the dead are bandied around in their millions, 2000 may even seem like a small number.

You only get a sense of the tragedy when you start to name them.

That is what this site is about. Showing you the names behind the numbers, and giving those names their lives back so you can see who they were and what the world lost when it sacrificed them to the war machine.

By 2018 I will have finished this site. If at any point after that you read through it and think 2000 is an insignificant number of men to lose then very possibly you have no heart.

Or you’re a General.

Massive thanks to Ian Barber for the gravestone photographs, Mike Mitchell for additional archive material and David Bilton for his excellent book ‘Hull Pals’ which inspired this project.

And thank you for stopping by to remember.

Joe Solo


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